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On this tour A Taste Of The Greenland Sea, you’ll discover the Greenlandic culture while we fish and cook in the wild. We will visit Santa’s summer house, catch fish, collect seaweed and mussels and then we will make dinner the traditional way.

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We will start the tour from the harbor in the center of Uummannaq. From there we will head north where Santa’s house is, will visit it and will also catch blue mussels for dinner.

From Santa’s house we will sail to fish fjord Cod, Halibut, Redfish and Catfish.

After fishing, we will make a delicious traditional dinner called “Killuut” that means, the way we make the food in the nature, and where the food is prepared in a pot with herbs from the area.

The serving will also be in the traditional way, “Kuisaq” where the boiling food is poured over a large stone, and we use our fingers to eat the prepared food.

After our amazing dinner we will sail back to Uummannaq.

Uummannaq, Greenland


During the summer you’ll experience sun and temperatures up to 20ºC almost every day. However, we always recommend to dress in layers even in this season because the temperature can drop, especially in the water and shadow. For this reason, we thought you would find useful to have a guide with recommendations of what to pack for your summer adventure in Greenland (clothing and essential items).

So, feel free to download it and start planning your trip with us!


If you have any questions regarding the tour A Taste Of The Greenland Sea, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.