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Uummannaq Fiord Tours

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Greenland Fiord Tours

By land and Sea

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Ilulissat Fiord Tours

By Greenland Fiord Tours

Greenland Fiord Tours is a DMC “Destination Management Company”. “

We believe that sharing with small, authentic and sustainable companies will be the best way for you to experience Greenland.

The locals are our strongest tool and the ones who will leave a mark in your heart. They will create memorable experiences in your trip, due to the amazing culture and natural way of living.

How to get to Greenland

You can flight with two companies to Greenland at the moment.

Air Greenland // Air iceland Connect

Air Greenland from Denmark ” Copenhagen” Or Iceland “Keflavik” Air Greenland

Air Iceland Connect from Iceland “Keflavik” Air iceland Connect.

Team Greenland Fiord Tours

Team Greenland Fiord Tours