© Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland


The Greenlanders are well known to be very kind and welcoming. On this tour you will be able to meet the local people, learn about their lifestyle and share Coffeemik with them (coffee the Greenland way). They will be more than happy to welcome you into their home and share amazing stories with you.

You will also explore Uummannaq, learn about the Greenland culture and history, visit the dog farm, meet the dog sledding team and if you are lucky, play with the puppies too!



We’ll start our tour Greenland as a local with a small hike at the Pontoon Bridge in front of the hospital, where our Greenland guide will give us a little introduction, and then we will go up to the town center. In this area we will find our beautiful Granit church, peat houses, the blubber house and many beautiful colony houses, we’ll also find a museum and the priest house.

During the trip we will have the opportunity to go to the harbor and talk to the local fishermen and hunters. They are always around during the summer months but later in the year their strong hunting instincts take over them, as winter supplies must be gathered.

On our way back, as we get closer, the musher will begin to whistle his particular sound, so the dogs will know that he is coming. They will be very happy and excited because that also means that their food is going to be served soon! While the dogs get their food, the dog musher will tell you all about his experience with the dog sleds in Greenland. You will have the opportunity to touch the dogs and even try to sit on a real sled.


Uummannaq, Greenland


During the summer you’ll experience sun and temperatures up to 20ºC almost every day. However, we always recommend to dress in layers even in this season because the temperature can drop, especially in the water and shadow. For this reason, we thought you would find useful to have a guide with recommendations of what to pack for your summer adventure in Greenland (clothing and essential items).

So, feel free to download it and start planning your trip with us!


*Be careful with the dogs as they are NOT pet dogs, they are working dogs, so some of them can be a little aggressive. Is better if you just pet them when the musher allows you to.

*Bring clothes that withstand getting dirty and get ready to have fun.

If you have any questions regarding the tour Greenland As A Local, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.