Icefishing In Greenland

Deep sea fishing is a unique and special way to experience fishing in Greenland.

Here we fish at different depths, from 50 meters to 700 meters depending on the fish we are trying to catch.

Sometimes we put a longline (around 300 to 600 meters depth) with over 500 hooks. As our primary catch we will get Halibut, Redfish, Catfish and Fjord Cod.

Follow our guide and enjoy this amazing fishing experience. Get back home and make your own jewelry from the codfish ear bones.


How to get to Greenland

Flyv from Keflavik on Iceland with Air iceland connect

Flyv from Copenhagen in Denmark or Keflavik on Iceland with Air Greenland

How to get to Greenland

You can flight with two companies to Greenland at the moment.

Air Greenland // Air iceland Connect

Air Greenland from Denmark ” Copenhagen” Or Iceland “Keflavik” Air Greenland

Air Iceland Connect from Iceland “Keflavik” Air iceland Connect.

Team Greenland Fiord Tours

Team Greenland Fiord Tours